Welcome to Sound Cop AB

Sound Cop provides services in the entertainment industry for sound level management and noise measurement.

Our services include installations in fixed environments such as nightclubs, bars, theatres and other live venues.

We also provide education in sound level measurement as well as comprehensive information for individuals how best to protect your hearing.

Sound Cop specialises in sound level management at concerts and festivals, and have a proven track record of helping organisers keep sound levels according to laws and regulations.

Sound Cop started it’s business in 2006 and have provided sound level measurements for many festivals and concerts over the years.

Sound Cop was taken over by Joakim Hammar and Jacob Julin in 2011.

Both have very long experience from the live events industry and can help in all aspects of deployment of sound systems, from conceptualisation to final calibration measurements.

To get in touch contact:

Jacob Julin

+46 708 38 71 66


Joakim Hammar

+46 768 24 80 87